Are we all perhaps linked by invisible bonds? Do the actions of one affect others, even if those others are far away? Our lives and the universe itself may be all part of a single mechanism in which all creatures and events are 'entangled' with one another.

Monday, October 31, 2005

I Am So Screwed !

oh my god the most horrible thing happened tonight i don't know what to do
i'm sweatingand sick-i just throw up a minute ago but i have to try to write this cause iy may be my last post for a very very long time. im so scared and don't kno what to do--i think i may have seriously hurt someone, maybe even killed him
i didn't mean to it was an accident i just freaked out and , i gotta go to the bathroom--i feel sick again

i'm bsck and trying to calm down enough to write this.. let me try to explain what happend . there was this halloween party at a local gay club and I never have been to a club or bar but decided to give it a try eeven tho i was really nervous about going. it was a costume party & i didnt have a cosume but made a kinda lame one wearing all black & putting on this black hooded jacket i have. i also have thgis old battleaxe i've had for years and took that to try top lok like an executioner or something. i know its wasn't very good but i figured what the hell no one will talk to me there sanyways cause i don't know how to talk to people in social events like that. but i forced myself to get redy & go anyway. i have to start going out to meet people sometime i thought so i will force myself-if i don't like it i can leave.

my heart is beating so fast i can barely breathe...i think i may have to leave town and hid eout somewhere til i figure things out but i don't kno where to go. maybe ill go to ny city i can hide there theres' so many people i may be safe. anyway lemme finish this fast before i break down completely --i go the club and its packed of course but i hang around and drink a soda -i don't drink alcohol so i gueass i can't even blame what i did on eing drunk. oh fuck im so terrified i don't know wehat to od. so after about an hour of just standing in a corner by myself not knowing what to do there some guy comes over & says Hi! to me. Now i was really nervous and not only that this guy was so good-looking icouldn't believe he wa s talking to me but then he offers to buy me a drink. i tell hi m iinly drink soda and he's says 'thats cool-i don't drink only beer sometimes'--so here we are and standing there and i dont know what to say or do because i so amazed a hot guy like this would even look at me much leess talk to me..

So like after maybe 30-40 minutes of me being stammering answers to questions he asks and trying to act like a normal person than the lame loser i am, he completely freaks me out by asking "would you like to go to my place, i live nearby". now I'm like stunned cause this has NEVER EVER happened to me and you have to believe me this guy was just so hot i thought this cant br real -i must be dreaming. Ok so i'm realy scared cause i have never been with a guy but i say ok" anyway and off we go. He lived only a few blocks from the club and we gotmthere in about 15 minutes. but iwa s just so nevous i could barely breathe.

So we're in his place and we end up sitting on the couch ane he's doing all the talking-naturally- cuz I'm tongue-tied and don't know what to say. Can't even remember what we talked about i was so surprised to even be there. Then he kind of slips his arm around me and kind of leans in i guess to kiss me nad i am like totally nervous but let him go on. We end up kissing for a bit then he puts his hands on my chest & under my shirt and it feels good but i'm still really scared.. Well i know you want more details but i cant talk no more about it but to say he started getting real aggressive & i start to freak out a little and try to push him away but he gets more & more agressiv and i finally just jump up from the couch to get away because it's moving too fast for me. he trys to coax me back but irefuse & say "look maybe we can get together another time but i'm a little scrared right now we could take it a bit slower maybe.' But then he leaps up and comes towards me & i run & grab my jacket and this bag i carry with me that i carry my keys, radio camera, phone & stuff in-why i bothered to take all this crap to the club i don't know i just always carry this stuff when i go out anywhere.

i also grabbed this battleaxe i had taken as part of my costume and head for his front door to leave but I have trouble unlocking the door to get out. All of a sudde n, he gets really really mad and screams 'where the fuck you think your going-you not leaving til i get a piece of your skinny ass" and he's red in the face and looking really strange and now i am FUCKING scared out of my mind, but i manage to unlatch the door and open it but he jumps at me & grabs my arm to stop me. I'm so terrified without even thinking i swing this axe im holding at him to scare him off but he's closer to me that i thought abnd i end up hitting him right in the face with the ax! oh fuck i say i'm sorry im sorry i didn't mean to hit you' But he's staggers back and falls backwards over this footdstool and crashes into this glass-topped coffee table near the couch. oh my god there was blood like everywhere i and hes just laying thewre and i don't know what to do--i think he's has passed out by i'm so fucking scared i stand ther frozen . But for some reason i dont kno why but i thought maybe i should take a picture of this so i can prove to the police it was an accident i don't know what i was thinking i was too scared to think clear. i get my camera out of my bag & take a couple pics but then i think this is crazy i have to get out of here, so I run out of the apartment and run all the way home, crying & almost puking from fear.

Now im home here but i don't know what to do--should i call the police or dhould i just keep quiet. I don't think anyone saw us leave the club together so no one will know i did this. But i don't know if the guy is still alive or lying there slowly dying--oh god please help me i don't know what to odo--i don't want to go to prison- iwould die there but i don't want to live knowing i killed someone either. i think i'm going to pack a few things and just grab a bus out of toewn tonight and try to think things out somewhere else. but what if this poor guy is stiill lying there bleeding? i know he seemed too agressive towards me but i'm probably just not used to having someone show any interest in me so i overracted,oh fuck i don't kno what to do.

i need to calm dowqn & think this thru thats why i decided to write this to try to clear it up in my mind. I really don't want to run but i don't think the police wi;ll believe it was an accident, and either way-accident or purpose i'll end up in jail anyways..

I've never should have gone out i should just have stayed alone so what if i never get to be with a guy-its not that important anyway. I really srewed up my already crappy life now so this will probably be the las t time i post to this blog--I'll miss all you guys-my blogger buddies, but i know now you will hate me anyway for being such a horrible stupid ass and killing an innocent man just cause i'm so weird and can't re;late to people like a normal person.. but i want to post one last item before i leave town forever..the pic i took of the guy i killed so you know i'm telling the it's kind of gory but i feel i have to do this..sorry if it scares or offends anyone..

goodbye...forever :( :( :(

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My New Pet

I just adopted a pet--well a virtual pet anyway. His name is Petey The Purple Penguin and if you scroll down the page, you'll see him just below my weather pixie and Flickr badge.

I thought my cute little weather guy might get lonely down there by himself and figured he could use some company. And I just realized that my poor little weather guy doesn't even have a name! If you want to suggest a name for him, please leave a comment and I'll consider using it.
But it has to be a cute name 'cuz he's a sexy little weather dude!

Have I mentioned recently that I don't get out much? And that I spend a lot of time on he computer? In case that wasn't pretty obvious by this post. :)

P.S. Try tickling his belly by clicking on it.

Ninja Boy

Check out this video on google video - this guy does some fantastic gymnastic/acrobatic moves. And I thought the moves the ninjas do in the movies were all fake or special effects.

If you're not interested in acrobatics, you can still check out the guy's hot body. :)

I love Google video--you come across all kinds of odd or funny video clips there.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Fun Fotos # 3 Posted by Picasa

Friday Fun Fotos # 2 Posted by Picasa

Friday Fun Fotos Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 27, 2005

7 Things

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Fall in love (even though I think the odds are against it happening).
2. Meet some of my blogger friends.
3. Travel & see more of the US (haven't really been anywhere yet).
4. Find somewhere warm to retire to (I hate cold weather).
5. Have sex (at least once) .
6. Become a cyborg/robot so that I can...
7. Live forever!

7 Things I Can Do:

1. Be a good listener.
2. Think (too much usually).
3. Waste time.
4. Learn new things easily.
5. Take tests/quizzes (yeah, I was the class brain in school ).
6. Live in a fantasy world.
7. Be a loyal friend.

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1. Express emotions easily.
2. Feel really passionate about anything.
3. Make friends easily.
4. Interact in social situations.
5. Run fast likeI could when I was young (tho I can walk for miles & miles).
6. Figure out what I really would like to do with my life (and time is running out).
7. Write shorter answers to these type of items (I was good at answering essay questions on school tests 'cause I could write long drawn-out answers and confuse the teacher into thinking I actually knew the answer even if I wasn't sure of the correct one).

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:

1. Personality
2. Sense of humor
3. A "no-nonsense" kind of attitude
4. Boobs are kinda nice--but not gigantic fake ones
5. That's about all I
6. Could think of because I
7. Have never had a friend who was a girl.

7 Things That Attract Me To The Same Sex:

1. Eyes
2. Sense of humor
3. Intellect (yeah, I like brainy geeks)
4. Chest
5. Legs
6. Personality
7. And I'm revealing a secret here--I think skinny guys are hot!

7 Things I say most often:

1. Is it Friday yet?
2. May I Help You? (at work)
3. Can I go home now? (also at work)
4. Yeeesss
5. Wuhhh
6. ....?
7. Can't think of anything else ' cause I don't talk that much.

7 Celebrity Crushes (that I'm not ashamed of)

1. Tom Welling (Ummm..Superboy)
2. Toby Maguire
3. Elijah Wood
4. Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark)
5. Jai Rodriguez (of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" show)
6. Leif Garrett (not now but many years ago when we were both much younger)
7. Monkey D. Luffy of the anime show "Onepiece" (I know he's only a cartoon, but I still think he's cute)

7 Tags:

1. Adam
2. Mike
3. Philip
4. Larry
5. Michael
6. Angel
7. Anyone else who's interested

Cool, Man!

That's right, my computer is cool again since I just put in a CPU fan to replace the one that quit working yesterday.
Tried to boot up Wednesday morning but the computer just refused to start! Than I noticed on the "Hardware Monitor" screen (which pops up as soon as I turn on the computer) that the CPU temperature was up to 57 degrees Celsius(that's 134 F), usually it reads about 30-34 degrees, so I knew something was wrong.
Found one at a small store that repairs computers and sells parts. It's actually not a brand new one (but a part from an another computer) and it cost $15.00 which is kind of high for a fan, but at least I'm back up & running! A friend of mine has gotten stuff there before and drove me there after work. My friend said you can buy fans at computer shows for around only $3, but the next show here in Albany isn't until November 27, and I certainly didn't want to wait that long.
I may try to pick up some more memory at that computer show since I only have 256MB and would like to double that to 512MB.
Now if I could only pick up a cute computer geek at the show as well, I'd be all set! :)

Done, But Not Out!

I'm running my computer without the CPU fan, so can't keep it on long...going to see if I can buy a new one later today. Thanks, guys for commenting. And, Elmo, I would love to buy a new computer but just don't have the money :( This computer is one I rescued from the trash that someone threw out, so I'm lucky it works as well as it does.

Hope to be back on later--if I get the fan.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Phone post:Cpu fan not working-must buy new one:trying to get old computer running... :) Martin

Phone blog-Computer not working-may be offline for a few days :( *boo hoo * Martin

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tagged !

2.2 billion years ago and the light is just now reaching us here on Earth.

I was tagged by Mike for the following:

Rules:1) Go into your archives. 2) Find your 23rd post. 3) Find the fifth sentence (or closest to it.) 4) Post the text of your sentence in your blog along with these rules. 5) Tag five other people

Only problem is, I have no one I can think of to tag as all the people in my blog link list seem to have been tagged already! :( Maybe I need to find more blog buddies...

P.S. I posted this last night, but for some reason Blogger didn't actually put it up, yet when I checked last night it was there, but not now--strange?!

The pic was the one that went with the line from the post, so I decided to add it here as well.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Unexpected Visitor !

Yesterday a car crashed into my house!

Well, not quite, but it did crash into the house I USED to live in until August of this year. I was at work and two University Police officers, who know me from there & knew I lived in this house,(because it's right across the street from the downtown campus of the college-I work at the uptown campus) stopped by and asked if I knew a car had run into my house. They didn't know I had moved recently.

When I got home I saw the damage the car had done to my former residence, which is right around the corner from where I live now. I moved because the owners wanted to redo that place inside & out. In fact, they had just put an entirely new front on the building, which is the one in the photo. Course, it's not too new-looking now after having a car plunge into it.

The driver of the car was a 20-year old woman who had no driver's license, had a 12-month old baby in the car, and she ALSO hit two people before crashing into the house. Apparently she was an inexperienced driver who stepped on the gas pedal
instead of the brake and lost control of the car. Fortunately, the two people she hit were not seriously hurt, and neither was she nor the baby.

Stange how things sometimes happen like that--if I hadn't moved when I did, I would have ended up with a car in my living room!
By the way, that window on the right is the bedroom window of my current apartment. So if the car had crashed a few feet further to the right, it would have ended up in my bedroom...not the kind of visitor I want there!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What The Fuyck!

Last Sunday, I was sorta following the Columbus Day parade downtown, taking a few photos of the parade, just to kill time. I stopped at a spot outside Albany's City Hall building where I noticed this plaque, which I'd seen before but never really read. It's a commemorative plaque marking the 300th anniversary of the first settlement here in what would eventually be known as Albany. Albany was originally settled by Dutch colonists. You can click on the pic to enlarge it to make it easier to read.

The one name that caught my eye, though, is the one adopted in 1630 when it was known as The Fuyck. Just what the fuyck kind of a name is that for a town? Maybe those Dutch settlers had a sense of humor or were just really horny. Or maybe they thought the name would attract more settlers to the area. After all, who wouldn't like a good fuyck?

I'm not sure what the word actually means in Dutch, but I did find a store in Holland named De Fuyck Brielle which seems to be a delicatessen in the town of Brielle. I also found this one sentence which seems to imply that fuyck means "hoop" : it was known by the Dutch simply as the ``fuyck'' (hoop), from the curve in the river .

Well, enough of my fuycking around here, I should be in bed by now. Unfortunately, ain't no one to fuyck around with THERE! :(

Friday, October 14, 2005

Duck & Cover!

I came across this little film made back in the 50's about how to protect yourself in case of an atomic bomb attack. Funny thing about it is I remember seeing films like this when I was in the lower grades in school. I started kindergarden in 1961 (yes, I'm THAT old!) and even recall having to practice the "duck & cover" method in the classroom where you would have to get under your desk and cover your head with your hands.

That cheap little wooden desk would surely protect you from a nuclear bomb blast! Of course, the radiation might be a bit of a problem, but maybe the lead paint in the walls would protect you from that as well! And certainly the asbestos in the ceiling would prevent any fires from starting! It sounds a little crazy now but I guess back then some people thought you could survive a nuclear attack that knocked down buildings like they were made of paper, but a small desk would offer plenty of protection...hmmm...maybe the real reason they wanted you to cover your head up was to avoid seeing your friends/classmates vaporized into dust.

These films are pretty funny to watch now but they were serious business back when they were shown in classrooms around the country. The Internet Archive has other old films like this including war propaganda and sex education films, as well as some other pretty interesting items. Check it out sometime when you're web surfing.

So remember, kids, if you see a bright flash, "Duck & Cover" ! , and you'll be safe from that mean old atomic bomb!

MonkeySpanking Part 2

Here's a screenshot of one of my attempts at "spanking the monkey". Haven't been able to beat my previous score of 449 (which I failed to screen capture). But I swear--I really did get 449 MPH ! :)
I'll just have to practice more I guess until I can achieve that score again. Who needs a real life when you have such an exciting virtual life?!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Spank The Monkey

Stumbled upon this site --it's really funny, but I'll bet you can't beat my score of 449 MPH--that's right 449 MPH! Although I have to admit I wasn't using a mouse, but a small trackball device which gave me an edge.

See how good you are at spanking the monkey!

What A Day!

Woke up this morning, felt something wet on my face, thought I had been drooling in my sleep (ewww) but after turning on the light saw that my nose was bleeding! Which kind of freaked me out 'cause I've only had my nose bleed maybe twice before in my life...what was I doing...fighting in my sleep? Took a quick shower & shaved (which I usually do at night, but was so tired Tuesday evening I didn't bother), had a small bowl of cereal and headed out to catch the bus to work. It's raining out, yet again, the bus finally pulls up, the driver opens the door, then as I'm about to get on, he tells me "oh,I'm not picking up anyone-just dropping off". As usual, the bus is full of kids on their way to the high school a few blocks up the street, but there was room enough for me to squeeze on. Anyway, I get off, the bus sits there for about 2 minutes while someone tries to exit through the rear door. The rear door doesn't seem to be working, and the person looking to exit I guess doesn't want to fight their way to the front of the bus through the crowd. Finally the bus pulls off, the person never having gotten off, and I wait for the next one. It comes along a few minutes later, looks like it not going to stop, but then does, as I get on I see the driver has a BIG cup of coffee up to her face, while driving with one hand. I don't think she even saw me standing there at first 'cause that cup was blocking her view.

Work as usual was hectic--I'm used to that but for some reason I felt really down today. I don't like to talk about my feelings, but I had moments today when I felt like a wave of sadness pass over me. Not trying to be dramatic, but lately I have had that happen more than once. Don't know if it's because I haven't been eating or sleeping as much as I should, because I'm fast approaching the big 50th birthday (mid-life crisis perhaps), or just because the emotions I've keep bottled up for so long are finally trying to escape (like a genie trapped in a magic lamp), or maybe I'm just losing my mind (a small loss, I'm sure).

Then tonight I was trying to help a new blog friend with his links (they weren't working properly) and I think I screwed up. I suggested he look at someone's else's blog source code and he copied some links from there to his to see if that would work. It did, but then my new friend got an angry message demanding he take them down. Now I meant no harm and neither did he, and I want to publicly apologize to the parties involved. I'm not mentioning any names on purpose because I don't want to cause any further damage. I will say the other people involved are two guys who I met soon after I got on the internet and they mean a GREAT deal to me. Sorry if I unintentionally caused any problem--no harm was intended.

While I was helping this friend out with his blog, I was IM'ed by another good friend who was really worried that he might get in trouble because earlier he had made a few sexual comments to a woman in a chat room and she threatened to turn him in. Of course he meant no harm and even apologized to her, but he was worried because he is a student here in the U.S. from a foreign country and wasn't sure what might happen. I told him I thought nothing would come of it--after all half the internet is full of sex. And it's not like he was stalking her, he just made a few comments--what's the big deal? By the way, this is a friend I come out to this past summer during an IM chat--he was surprised, to say the least, but cool about it.

What's really strange about all this is I never get phone calls, rarely chat with anyone online and spend most of my free time alone goofing around on this stupid computer. Wait, I better not insult my computer like that--I meant to say "stupendous" computer. (It's been acting a bit odd lately and I don't want to make it angry at me-shhh) Now all of a sudden, I'm helping people and offering advice...has the world gone completely insane, or is it just me? Maybe this day is this a dream and I'll wake up soon.

Speaking of waking up, I'd better get to bed as it's very late and I should have been asleep about 3 hours ago, that's assuming I'm not just dreaming this whole thing. Just hope I don't get into any more "dream-fights" and end up with a bloody nose again!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Monday, October 10, 2005

OK- Just one more pic...

Here's the best pic of the bunch of my dinosaurs...

Robot Dinosaurs

Here's a pic I took of my robot dinosaurs yesterday in my bedroom. It's a little better than the pics I have below.

Attack of The Gay Robot Dinosaurs

Just fooling around with my camera yesterday and took some pics around my aptartment. Here's a couple of my Gay Robot Dinosaurs. The pics came a little dark but you can still kind of make them out. When I used flash, they came out too bright and you couldn't see anything.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is It Halloween Yet?

OK, I've gone and done something I've haven't done before. NO--NOT THAT, you perverts...though I wish it WAS that :) Whatever that might be???

What I meant is that I've put an actual photo of my scary self in my profile. Seeing as it's getting close to Halloween, I'd thought I would give everyone a good scare.
Sorry if seeing it gives you nightmares. In my defense, I must say I took that pic with a cheap camera and I'm a lousy photographer, so you can't expect much.

The previous pic I had there was of an anime character named Monkey D. Luffy from the anime series OnePiece. He's a pirate who has the ability to stretch like rubber, something I can't do. And he's way better looking than me, too.

Now if you would rather see Luffy than me in that spot, feel free to leave a comment asking for his return. If I get more votes for Luffy than for myself, I'll put his pic back up. Personally, I vote for Luffy 'cause I ain't crazy about looking at myself...that's why I only have one mirror in my apt. Don't be afraid to express your true opinion-if you'd rather see Luffy, say so--it won't hurt my feelings--I may end up changing it back anyway if I get sick of seeing myself there.

One reason I decided to put it there is because I think it makes the previous item I posted about the busload of guys even funnier when you can see what I really look like. :) Like guys would really line up for THAT! Also I felt it was about time I quit hiding behind Luffy and let people see the truth. Frightening as that may be!

I know some people worry about having their pics up because of the possiblity of someone stalking them...but I am quite confident NO stalker is THAT crazy to want to
waste their time on me.

Anyway...that's all I have to say for now...except THANKS to those of you who come here and read my silly ramblings.

Please Take A Number, Guys!

In case anyone reading this blog doubts for a minute just what a super-stud I really am, just take a look at the picture below which I took earlier today from my front window of all the hot guys waiting outside my building, hoping to get some of my sweet lovin'. The second pic shows the bus they came in on...that's right!...they're coming by the, aren't you all just a wee bit jealous of me?

Now I'm the first to admit I ain't all that hot, but I must be doing something right if the boys are arriving by the busload. Just hope I have time for them all--I wouldn't want anyone to feel neglected. Well, I better get going...I think I hear another bus pulling up outside.

Line Up Boys-There's Enough For Everyone! Posted by Picasa

Bussing Them In! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Grand Challenge

Being a fan of science, technology, and especially ROBOTS, I just had to put up a link to this site. It's the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) Grand Challenge, a competition to create a robotic vehicle for use by the military. Last year a prize of $1 million was offered to anyone who could complete the course through the Nevada desert but none of the robotic vehicles made it. Most broke down or crashed early in the race. The prize was doubled to $2 million for this year's competition. The race took place earlier today and several vehicles completed the entire 132-mile course!

No official winner was declared last time I checked, as the times have to be verified. The various vehicles began the race at different times.

What's really unique about these robotic vehicles is that they had to be autonomous, meaning they were not controlled by anyone with a remote control--they had to travel the entire course, which included obstacles, completely on their own. Of course the modifications and software were created by the various teams which were sponsored by corporations and universities.

Now some people might say, what's the big deal?--we've had robot rovers on Mars running around. But the Mars rover was not a full-sized vehicle, moved very slow, and there are few obstacles on the surface of Mars to interfere with its travels (except for maybe an occassional rock). These robotic vehicles included trucks, jeeps, even Hummers, all modified with GPS, cameras, lasers, etc., not to mention the sophisticated software required to analyze all the data necessary to keep the vehicle on the road & avoid obstacles.

Well, anyway if you're a geek like me (you probably already know about this) or not, then check out the site.
Hey, maybe someday there'll be robot NASCAR races!! Would that mean no more cute NASCAR drivers?

Sorry , I just put that last line in there to tease a couple of NASCAR fans I know :)

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Thank Goodness It's Thursday!

Noo...wait...that's doesn't sound should be Friday already!

Just a quick post to really say nothing much at all :) Been a slow week at work 'cause there were no classes for the past 3 days due to the Jewish New Year holiday. But today will no doubt be back to the usual madhouse! And I'm already tired...need more sleep...oh well, just have to tough it out, I guess.

Went to a couple fo my favorite blogs this morning, but had trouble with the sites loading. No pictures, and in some cases, not even text. Apparently's website is down and blogs displaying pics stored there are not loading properly. I tried to go directly to Photobucket, but got an error message saying "Could not connect to server". Tried to post here last night, but Blogger was down for maintenance as well.

Well, gotta go try to catch this next bus to work...and try to survive another day at work :)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Scary Crash Video!

Came across this 8-second video clip on Google video. Don't know where its from but its one scary looking accident! Makes me glad I don't drive. Click on the title link to view it if you're not squeamish about such things. But be warned--it's frightening!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Slacker Like Me

I have become somewhat of a slacker lately when it comes to posting to this blog, having put up very little in recent weeks. Partly that's because I'm tired by the time I get home from work, and partly from just being lazy, I guess. Also there's the fact that I have an extremely dull life anyway which leads to not having much interesting to write about. Most days are the same--work, come home, read my favorite blogs, surf the 'net a bit, maybe watch some TV, then go to bed. I've got a wireless router and a wireless card I bought 2 weeks ago for another computer I've been going to set up, but I've been too lazy to even do that. It doesn't help, I suppose, that I stay up late doing nothing in particular, not getting enough sleep and also not really eating proper meals, leading to further lack of energy to do anything.

Sorry if I have overwhelmed anyone reading this with all of this EXCITING CONTENT !!. I'll try to tone things done a bit so no one becomes over-stimulated. He He He :)

I did manage to get out Saturday and see the movie Flight Plan starring Jodie Foster. It was pretty good, I'd give it 2.5 stars out of 4. Jodie Foster is a good actress, and put in a fine performance in this film, but there was just something about the movie that I found less than exciting. Maybe it was just my mood, or it could have been the fact that there were some annoying distractions in the theater. Like the guy in front of me with the baseball cap that had the brim sticking up in front of the screen and he'd remove the cap to scratch his head every now & again, or the whispering teenage girls behind me, or even the crying baby a few rows back.
The theater was crowded so I really couldn't change seats...the one drawback to going to the movies in the evenings. I used to only go during the days when there were less people , but recently decided it would be better to go in the evening rather than sitting bored at home.

Lately I've been in a strange, restless kind of mood anyway, and not sure exactly why but I have a few possible reasons. Next month I turn 50 years old ( scary, huh?) so maybe it's a mid-life crisis coming 50 mid-life? I have been thinking a lot about how little I've done in my life so far and the thought has even occurred to me to just pack a backpack with whatever will fit in it and take off somewhere. Where I'd go or what I'd do is anyone's guess but I just have felt the urge to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT than my usual boring existence up to now. Only problem with that is I have no car and no money so I'm not sure I'd get very far.

Well, once again, I have stayed up later than I should so I'll have to finish these rambling thoughts some other time. Starting to fall asleep at the computer......zzzzzzzzzz.....No, I'm awake......OK that's gonna have to be all for now.

At least I can travel in my dreams, although I usually end up in some weird place surrounded by strange people....or is that my real life?