Are we all perhaps linked by invisible bonds? Do the actions of one affect others, even if those others are far away? Our lives and the universe itself may be all part of a single mechanism in which all creatures and events are 'entangled' with one another.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

7 Things

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

1. Fall in love (even though I think the odds are against it happening).
2. Meet some of my blogger friends.
3. Travel & see more of the US (haven't really been anywhere yet).
4. Find somewhere warm to retire to (I hate cold weather).
5. Have sex (at least once) .
6. Become a cyborg/robot so that I can...
7. Live forever!

7 Things I Can Do:

1. Be a good listener.
2. Think (too much usually).
3. Waste time.
4. Learn new things easily.
5. Take tests/quizzes (yeah, I was the class brain in school ).
6. Live in a fantasy world.
7. Be a loyal friend.

7 Things I Cannot Do:

1. Express emotions easily.
2. Feel really passionate about anything.
3. Make friends easily.
4. Interact in social situations.
5. Run fast likeI could when I was young (tho I can walk for miles & miles).
6. Figure out what I really would like to do with my life (and time is running out).
7. Write shorter answers to these type of items (I was good at answering essay questions on school tests 'cause I could write long drawn-out answers and confuse the teacher into thinking I actually knew the answer even if I wasn't sure of the correct one).

7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex:

1. Personality
2. Sense of humor
3. A "no-nonsense" kind of attitude
4. Boobs are kinda nice--but not gigantic fake ones
5. That's about all I
6. Could think of because I
7. Have never had a friend who was a girl.

7 Things That Attract Me To The Same Sex:

1. Eyes
2. Sense of humor
3. Intellect (yeah, I like brainy geeks)
4. Chest
5. Legs
6. Personality
7. And I'm revealing a secret here--I think skinny guys are hot!

7 Things I say most often:

1. Is it Friday yet?
2. May I Help You? (at work)
3. Can I go home now? (also at work)
4. Yeeesss
5. Wuhhh
6. ....?
7. Can't think of anything else ' cause I don't talk that much.

7 Celebrity Crushes (that I'm not ashamed of)

1. Tom Welling (Ummm..Superboy)
2. Toby Maguire
3. Elijah Wood
4. Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark)
5. Jai Rodriguez (of "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" show)
6. Leif Garrett (not now but many years ago when we were both much younger)
7. Monkey D. Luffy of the anime show "Onepiece" (I know he's only a cartoon, but I still think he's cute)

7 Tags:

1. Adam
2. Mike
3. Philip
4. Larry
5. Michael
6. Angel
7. Anyone else who's interested

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