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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cool, Man!

That's right, my computer is cool again since I just put in a CPU fan to replace the one that quit working yesterday.
Tried to boot up Wednesday morning but the computer just refused to start! Than I noticed on the "Hardware Monitor" screen (which pops up as soon as I turn on the computer) that the CPU temperature was up to 57 degrees Celsius(that's 134 F), usually it reads about 30-34 degrees, so I knew something was wrong.
Found one at a small store that repairs computers and sells parts. It's actually not a brand new one (but a part from an another computer) and it cost $15.00 which is kind of high for a fan, but at least I'm back up & running! A friend of mine has gotten stuff there before and drove me there after work. My friend said you can buy fans at computer shows for around only $3, but the next show here in Albany isn't until November 27, and I certainly didn't want to wait that long.
I may try to pick up some more memory at that computer show since I only have 256MB and would like to double that to 512MB.
Now if I could only pick up a cute computer geek at the show as well, I'd be all set! :)

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