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Friday, October 14, 2005

Duck & Cover!

I came across this little film made back in the 50's about how to protect yourself in case of an atomic bomb attack. Funny thing about it is I remember seeing films like this when I was in the lower grades in school. I started kindergarden in 1961 (yes, I'm THAT old!) and even recall having to practice the "duck & cover" method in the classroom where you would have to get under your desk and cover your head with your hands.

That cheap little wooden desk would surely protect you from a nuclear bomb blast! Of course, the radiation might be a bit of a problem, but maybe the lead paint in the walls would protect you from that as well! And certainly the asbestos in the ceiling would prevent any fires from starting! It sounds a little crazy now but I guess back then some people thought you could survive a nuclear attack that knocked down buildings like they were made of paper, but a small desk would offer plenty of protection...hmmm...maybe the real reason they wanted you to cover your head up was to avoid seeing your friends/classmates vaporized into dust.

These films are pretty funny to watch now but they were serious business back when they were shown in classrooms around the country. The Internet Archive has other old films like this including war propaganda and sex education films, as well as some other pretty interesting items. Check it out sometime when you're web surfing.

So remember, kids, if you see a bright flash, "Duck & Cover" ! , and you'll be safe from that mean old atomic bomb!

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