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Sunday, October 16, 2005

What The Fuyck!

Last Sunday, I was sorta following the Columbus Day parade downtown, taking a few photos of the parade, just to kill time. I stopped at a spot outside Albany's City Hall building where I noticed this plaque, which I'd seen before but never really read. It's a commemorative plaque marking the 300th anniversary of the first settlement here in what would eventually be known as Albany. Albany was originally settled by Dutch colonists. You can click on the pic to enlarge it to make it easier to read.

The one name that caught my eye, though, is the one adopted in 1630 when it was known as The Fuyck. Just what the fuyck kind of a name is that for a town? Maybe those Dutch settlers had a sense of humor or were just really horny. Or maybe they thought the name would attract more settlers to the area. After all, who wouldn't like a good fuyck?

I'm not sure what the word actually means in Dutch, but I did find a store in Holland named De Fuyck Brielle which seems to be a delicatessen in the town of Brielle. I also found this one sentence which seems to imply that fuyck means "hoop" : it was known by the Dutch simply as the ``fuyck'' (hoop), from the curve in the river .

Well, enough of my fuycking around here, I should be in bed by now. Unfortunately, ain't no one to fuyck around with THERE! :(

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