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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sorry, Jason !

I guess you've lost your touch, just don't seem to frighten people like you used to back in the old days.

I went to see the "Friday the 13th" remake movie this Friday the 13th, since it seemed the appropriate time to see it. It was OK, but I wasn't that impressed. It was the typical slasher movie, with a lot of people running around between bouts of being hacked up.
And from the audience's reaction, I guess I wasn't the only one that wasn't too impressed, because there was very little reaction from the crowded theater. There were a few teenage girls sitting behind me who screamed at a couple of scary or brutal scenes, but the rest of the audience was surprisingly silent. It was mainly a younger audience, teenagers/college-aged people; (sadly) I may have been the oldest person in the theater.
Are today's young people so used to such violent scenes, from horror movies, TV, video games and the internet (not to mention the daily news) that they are just not shocked by such things anymore? I'm not making any kind of judgment, I only found it a bit odd that there was such a lack of reaction to scenes that were meant to shock or frighten? But, of course, I didn't react to it, either, but then I'm old and jaded.
I remember going to the original Friday the 13th movie many years ago, and the audience then had a much more vocal reaction. It was kind of why I went to see this movie, because I thought the audience's response would be fun to experience. But it turned out not to be the case.

So "Sorry, Jason", maybe it's time to hang up your hockey mask and machete and retire to the "Old Slashers' Home". Don't feel bad, Jason--I'll brew you up a nice cup of tea and we can talk over "the good ol' days".

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