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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Geek Paradise

Here I am, blogging at 5 AM in the morning, and why? Because I have been up all night playing with the new tech toy I just bought yesterday afternoon. Yes, the geek in me finally overruled the more sensible part of my brain and went out and got an Apple iPod Touch (16 GB). I just couldn't resist the lure of all that cool gadgetry any longer. Even though I've been telling myself that it was too expensive, some extra holiday pay from my otherwise crappy job was enough to convince me to go for it. So out to the Apple store at a local mall I went, cash in hand, before the more frugal part of my brain had a chance to complain.

Up to now, I've been using my little Creative Zen Nano 1GB MP3 player and it works fine. But it doesn't automatically sync to iTunes , nor can it do video, or any of the other things the iPod Touch is capable of doing. Ever since the iPhone and then the iPod Touch came out, I've been reading and hearing how remarkable they are, and I can now see what people were raving about. I don't listen to a lot of music, but I love podcasts and have been downloading them with iTunes and dragging and dropping the files onto my Zen. Of course, when I plugged in the iPod, it began to sync immediately and transfer them without me doing a thing. Very nice!

There are video podcasts, such as "DiggNation", that I download as well and now I can watch them right on the iPod Touch. And since I spend quite a bit of time waiting for, and riding buses to and from work, this is an especially cool feature. Not to mention the games you can add to it!
Can you tell I'm impressed by this piece of technology? I may have been a bit late in "hopping on the iPod bandwagon", but no doubt will make up for that lost time! I spent most of last evening browsing through the iTunes store looking for some of the free aps that are available and got a few games and other useful or fun little aps. There are many more available for a price, but I figured I'd spent enough for today.

And I have not even used the built-in WiFi on the Touch yet ! I have a wireless router, but don't have it connected at the moment because I only had a single desktop computer, so connected it directly to the cable modem. But now, with the iPod, and my little Acer netbook computer I got a few months ago, I'll have to get that router working. Then when the weather gets warmer, I can go outside to a tiny little park outside my house and still be able to log onto my internet connection. Now I need to start ripping songs off all those CD's I have and never listen to, 'cause I'm too lazy to get them out and put them into a CD player.

Well, its now 6 AM, so no sense in going to bed now. Luckily, I don't have to work today as the university I work at is closed for a 'winter break' this week. YAY....more time to play with my new toy !

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