Are we all perhaps linked by invisible bonds? Do the actions of one affect others, even if those others are far away? Our lives and the universe itself may be all part of a single mechanism in which all creatures and events are 'entangled' with one another.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cute Animals Webcam

I just updated the UStream video feed in the sidebar to show the new webcam, which has a new batch of kittens and their Momma. The previous group of seven kitties were adopted out to new homes. They recently had puppies on the webcam, and they were cute, but the kitties are much more fun to watch. is an organization works with shelters and communities to try to reduce the number of unwanted animals and encourage spaying/neutering programs. The webcam is to promote the adoption of pets from local animal shelters rather than buying from stores.
"Adopt, don't shop!"

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