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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Videos Of The Week

Yet again my videos feature some segments from MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. Actually it's just one piece but split into 2 videos due to the length restrictions on YouTube.
I know it must seem like I've got a crush on Keith based on all the videos of him I have posted recently, but I swear it's just that I respect and admire his honest, outspoken journalism.
, that's all it is....but then, he is a good-looking man.

This next video is also political in nature, but a little more on the lighter side, from The Colbert Report.

Hmm....after seeing Dennis Hastert, maybe "lighter" wasn't the correct word to use.

I know I have been very political this past week especially, but I felt the World Can't Wait anti-Bush, anti-war protests were important to mention. I was a bit disappointed by the local turnout (around 100 people at most) and felt it could have been better organized, but at least the effort was made. There seemed to be little news coverage of the protests held around the country (virtually none, locally) but maybe the groundwork has been set for future events.

One thing I have found especially amusing the past couple of weeks is how Republicans are scrambling to dis-associate themselves from Bush and from the scandal surrounding Mark Foley.

Have you ever heard the expression "rats deserting a sinking ship"?

Apparently the pressure of the upcoming election is starting to get to some of them. Let's hope that "the ship of lies and corruption" they've been sailing on for the past eight years is rapidly taking on water and will soon sink down to the depths where it belongs.
I hope the voters of America help out in November by poking a few more holes in that ship's hull by voting out some of the "Repuli-pirates" who have taken over the country's ship of state.

And I promise to ease up a bit on the politics and find some fun stuff to post for your viewing pleasure.

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