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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The World Can't Wait--Local Rally

I attended the local anti-Bush peace rally held along with protests in many other US cities today-October 5th. The local event started out with about 30-40 people at a college campus, but grew to what I estimated (after doing a quick head count) to be about 100 persons after arriving at a meeting place in Washington Park. As we marched to the park, several people joined and there was a show of support in the form of horn-blowing and waving from passing vehicles.
Upon arriving in the park, there was a brief encounteer with an Albany police officer who was inquiring as to the nature of the rally and march. After hearing the details, he advised a route to take and provided escort (along with a couple other patrol cars) as we continued further downtown to rally on the steps of the State Capitol building.
At this point, many members of the group headed down to the Federal courthouse in downtown Albany where a jury was deliberating the fate of two local Muslim men who have been accused of supporting terrorism by laundering money, which turned out to be an FBI sting operation. The jury has yet to reach a decision in the case. A local NBC affiliated TV station (WNYT) has a video clip of the protest on their website. Others in the march remained at the state Capitol.
The two groups reunited as the protest continued on the sidewalk near the Capitol as the group held signs and chanted anti-Bush slogans to passing motorists, many of whom showed support by sounding their horns or waving.
One person was dressed up as "The Dim Reaper" wearing a Bush mask and another boy wore a gas mask along with an Army helmet decorated with a peace symbol.

I took a few photos and some brief video clips which I edited into the video below.

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