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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday TimeWasters

This week I selected something that is a combination of politics and fun, since I promised in my last post I'd ease up on the politics and put up something fun. This is a bit of both.
It's a bunch of really cool animations by a political cartoonist named Mark Fiore.

I'm not even sure if I should call this week's item a "timewaster", because while you may spend time watching these animations, I wouldn't really consider them a waste of time.

Here's a brief bio from his site:
Mark Fiore creates animated political cartoons from an undisclosed location somewhere in San Francisco. His work appears regularly in a wide variety of online news web sites.

Here are links to a few recent animations that are especially good:

1-Profiteering !

2- The Adventures Of Knuckles

3-A Nation Remembers

4-The Hottest Hoax Around

It took me awhile to get these up because for some reason whenever I typed a line and hit 'return' some of the text on the previous line would disappear ! I kept having to re-type the same lines over. Some kind of strange Blogger glitch, I guess !
And it's not even Friday the 13th yet !!

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