Are we all perhaps linked by invisible bonds? Do the actions of one affect others, even if those others are far away? Our lives and the universe itself may be all part of a single mechanism in which all creatures and events are 'entangled' with one another.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Videos Of The Week

Been so busy the past few days playing with my new computer I've forgotten to eat or sleep a couple of times. And almost forgot to post my videos this week, but here they are:

Usually my videos have a common theme, and at first I thought these didn't have one (I picked them 'cause they were funny), but after seeing them together I realized the theme was...SEX !

(Ha--that got your attention, didn't it? )

I'm not sure where that last video came from--I think possibly England--but despite that warning at the end ....I'd like to know where I can order a couple 6-packs of those cans !!

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