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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman Returns ! ............. And So Have I

Yes, Superman has returned (to the movie theaters, that is) and I have returned to this blog. OK, I really didn't go anywhere, but lately haven't been posting a lot. I will list the reasons why later. But first I have to talk about "Superman Returns!" Arrived at the mall just before 1:30 PM and lucky for me, there was a show starting at 1:30, and it was still at the matinee price! So I even saved a couple of dollars. Got in the theater just as the previews were was for some football movie...then the screen went blank and all the lights went out! Some of the lights then flickered back on, only to go right out again! But then the lights came back on and the previews continued. I'm not sure if just that theater had a problem or if it was the entire mall. The strange thing is that something similiar occurs in the movie! (Won't say anymore 'cause I don't to spoil it for anyone).

Now I thought it was a great movie. The special effects are amazing and the story was good. It briefly covers the origin of Superman, (which I've read or seen many times) but does it in an interesting way. As I'm writing this there was one thing I noticed and that is that it seems like Brandon Routh (who plays Superman, of course), didn't seem to have a lot of dialogue in the film. Or at least that is the impression I get now when I think back about it.
That's OK--I don't mind the strong, silent type! Especially if it's Superman!

This may not be the best movie review, but I've been a fan of Superman since I was old enough to hold a comic book, so I probably would have loved the movie just because it was about him. Yeah, I'll admit it--when I was a kid, I guess I secretly wished I could be Superman. Instead of the 90-pound weakling (uhh...make that 70-pound) that I was!

This is getting a bit long, so I'm just going to briefly list my reasons for not posting much lately:

1- About 2 weeks ago, I spent so much time staring at this computer screen, or watching TV, or playing video games that I injured my left eye. I got a bad case of eyestrain (which I have had before) and had to ease up on the computer.
2- We've had a lot of rain on and off here but whenever it cleared up, I tried to get outside for awhile because I know the summer will be over before you know it and it will be cold again!
3- My computer has been acting up more than usual and it got so frustrating at times I just shut it off. I'm still looking for an inexpensive laptop computer but haven't gotten one yet. Earlier this week I saw a Best Buy ad that had 2 decent ones at the price I could afford, but the local Best Buy didn't have either one in stock. And I don't have a credit card so I couldn't order off their website.
4- Finally I've just been a bit frustrated in general about things in my life. Currently I am off work (on a summer layoff) but I really don't want to return to that job in the Fall and at the same time aren't sure where I do want to work. Actually I'm sick of work in general, but aren't old enough (or rich enough) to retire. At times I'm tempted to get rid of everything, pack a bag or two, and just hit the road! Although where I'd go or what I'd do is a mystery. If I owned a car, I probably would have taken off by now and just drive until I find someplace I liked better than where I am!

Well, enough of my whining....I better go rest my eye 'cause it's still not completely healed.

Now if I was Superman, I could just fly off to somewhere exciting!

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