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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gorgeous Close-Up Photos of the F-117 "Nighthawk" Stealth Fighter

The best set of F-117 Photos I've found. These are Truly some of the best photos showing the F-117 from Display, Take-off, In-Flight, and Landing. High enough resolution to make into screen savers or Desktop pics...

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The item above was posted on (not by me) and shows some amazing photos of the F-117 Stealth Fighter plane. Even though it's a weapon of war I have to admit I am fascinated by the science/technology/engineering thats makes it and other aircraft/tanks,etc possible. If only that incredible use of technology could be used to better mankind rather than destroy it.

I didn't put up any "Friday Fun Fotos" this week because 1) I guess I just got lazy and 2) I went out to see "Brokeback Mountain" last night (Friday-it's now after 2am Sat.) so I found these pics and thought I'd provide a link to them instead. Actually I may try out something different next Friday, although I'll still post pics I find fun or interesting.

I know this blog tends to be "all over the place" and doesn't really have a consistent theme, but that's how my mind operates. I find a lot of things interesting and love learning new things, and like to share that information. Maybe in the new year I'll come up with a more organized way of doing this blog because I really enjoy fooling around here. I know I don't have a large number of visitors here but I truly appreciate the people who do stop by, especially the regular readers that return and take the time to comment.

Anyway, I saw "Brokeback Mountain" earlier--the theater I went to was sold out--I was lucky to get a seat. It is a great movie and I'll even admit it made me a bit emotional (something I generally hide quite well). NO--I didn't cry at the movie (OK, I did tear up a bit after, on my walk home, but that was due to the cold wind blowing in my face...well-- it was...mostly). I won't give any plot details 'cause I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it (I hate when people do that!) but I would definitely rate it **** (4 stars) !

Well, it's now after 3am, so I'd better go to bed since I am falling asleep at the keyboard.

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