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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye,Beyonce,& Taylor: Who Cares?

I normally don't really care for all the celebrity gossip and news that appears on TV and the internet, but all this commotion over the VMA awards incident seems pretty overblown to me.

I think the whole incident was planned and staged, just to generate controversy and get people talking about the VMA awards show. Seems like every year at these awards, something like this happens. Anyone remember the Howard Stern incident, when he appeared as Fartman, with his ugly bare butt showing? MTV then pretends it was "surprised" that something like this happened. Howard himself said MTV executives knew what was planned.

People who don't normally even watch the VMA's heard about this and the artists involved, getting publicity for all of them. And people who like Kanye will continue to buy his music anyway, while Taylor Swift and Beyonce come off looking like innocent victims. The music companies behind each artist gets millions of dollars worth of free publicity on all the news and talk shows for days. Sounds like a win for all involved. This is about as "real" as all the so-called "reality" shows. Which is to say, not at all real--just TV!

Personally, I have never bought music from any of these three performers and don't plan on doing so in the future. I would like to see the sales figures for Kanye, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift for the next week or two, because I believe the controversy will probably increase their sales for all of them.

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