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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Boston Whale Watch

Yesterday I went on what may have been the best trip I've ever taken! That's not saying much, as I rarely go anywhere, due to lack of a car and/or money. But this trip helped make up for that lack. I'm the type of person that rarely gets all that excited or thrilled by things, as I tend to live inside my own head (hey, the rent there is cheap!).
Standing on the deck of the ship as we sped along, with the wind and spray from the ocean in my face was quite exhilarating, to sat the least. Which surprised me, that I enjoyed it so much, as I will not even get on a roller coaster or other carnival ride.
The weather wasn't as nice as hoped for, as it starting raining right after we got to Massachusetts and continued to rain on and off all day. Thus the ride was a little bumpy at times, as the ship (a high-speed catamaran) bounced along the waves. I stayed out on deck for the entire trip out to the whale-watching area, along with several other hardy souls. Although one girl looked a little woozy as she cling to her boyfriend!
Most people on board stayed inside the cabin on the way out because of the rain and choppy ride and one poor family (parents & 4 kids) all seemed to be less than thrilled, shall I say, with the experience. I felt sorry for them, having come all the way there and then feeling seasick the entire time.
Another thing that surprised me was I decided right there on deck that I want to go do it again! Normally once I experience something once, I'm satisfied and don't feel the need to go again. Who knows, maybe some of my ancestors were sea-faring folk and the sea is in my genes.
We got to the site where the whales feed and saw several whales, both adult mothers and young ones. Spraying water from their blowholes and occasionally breaching the surface, coming up from the water to breathe. I don't have any photos of that ready yet as I had my camera in video mode the whole time and have to go through to find still shots. The whales were hard to photograph as they tend to pop up in different spots randomly, so I left the video run to try to catch what I could.
All I can say is, if you haven't taken a trip like this, you should definitely give it a try! If a geeky, stay-at-home "landlubber" like me got a kick out of it, normal folk will find it really thrilling!
Here are a few shots from the pier area, before we left:

View down the pier. (Side note: that guy on the right was a really cute German boy-pic doesn't due him justice-much hotter in person)

After the cruise, we had a couple hours before the bus home left, and I managed to take a quick walking tour (on my own) around downtown Boston. Saw some cool old houses and a cemetery dating back to Revolutionary War times. I'll have to go back to Boston to see all the other stuff I didn't have time to on this trip.
More pics on my other blog: QE II

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