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Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Moving Experience

Well, as I reported here almost a week ago, I moved from the basement apartment in my building to the top floor. Finally finished getting everything up here this past Tuesday, the last item to make the move being my laptop computer. That's because my internet connection was changed over on Wednesday. So Tuesday night I sat in my old, now empty apartment with just my computer, eating some McDonald's food, playing games, and surfing the web. The rest of this week was spent organizing things and re-connecting various electronics, such as the VCR, DVD player, Playstation, etc. It's a bit more cramped than the old place, but with a little more organization, everything will have a place.

One good thing is that it's definitely warmer up here than down in the basement. And since I hate being cold, that's great! We had one nice warm day this week before winter made a comeback appearance and the temperature dropped back to mid-winter levels. Brrr....

Two more days before Spring Break ends and its back to work. The week after next, I may have jury duty as I got a Jury Summons last week. Have to call in each evening to see if I have to report the following day. I don't mind because frankly, I'd rather sit there all day than run around at work trying to do three things at once. I served as an alternate Juror several years ago, and found it to be rather interesting. That time it just happened to be what they called "Juror Appreciation Week"--an annual event the court held to show it's appreciation (of course) for the work the jurors did. Every day the Jurors were given a free lunch, including one day when they ordered pizza in for everyone. That's not likely to happen again, but it's still not a bad experience. I wonder why so many people go out of their way to avoid jury service.

Gonna go now have some of the Friendly's "Banana Split" ice cream I bought earlier today, with some whipped cream on top. Hey, now that I'm climbing two flights of stairs to get to my apartment the extra exercise I'm getting should offset any extra calories from the ice cream. At least that's my theory and it takes experiments to prove a theory. So in the name of science, I will conduct this tasty experiment !

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