Are we all perhaps linked by invisible bonds? Do the actions of one affect others, even if those others are far away? Our lives and the universe itself may be all part of a single mechanism in which all creatures and events are 'entangled' with one another.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just An April Fool Am I !

Happy 2nd Blogiversary To Me !

That's right--it's been two years since I started this blog. Well, technically, I started it on March 31st 2005 and the second post was April 2nd, but I like the idea that it began on April Fool's Day. So, unofficially that's my start date. I've never had a consistent theme to the blog and tend to go off in whatever crazy direction strikes me at the time I sit down to write a post. Or whatever topic I happen to be interested in at that moment.

Lately I've kind of been neglecting my poor little blog and haven't been posting very consistently. Not sure myself exactly why that is--it's not because I don't enjoy doing it--I do. But if I had to list some reasons why I've been slacking off--well, here's a few:
1- Too the time I get home from work I just don't have the energy.
1- my job, the sameness of every day, and sometimes just by life in general.
3- Maybe a little depressed....see above reasons.
4- Procrastination....keep putting off posting even when I think of something I want to put up.
5- And finally....I've been busy moving this past week.
Not a faraway move --just up two floors in the same building I currently live in. The owners want more money for the 1 bedroom apartment I rent now and I really can't afford the increase. So they offered to let me move upstairs for the same rent I'm paying into the studio apartment on the top floor. Now to be fair, they did give me a discount on the rent for the 1-bedroom, so I can't complain as I've been here for the past 2 1/2 years at that lower rate. But it's been a bit of a hassle lugging everything upstairs. A friend and his nephew came by today to move my TV and it's stand, which I could never do by myself. It's a 32-inch set and very heavy. But other than that, I've been moving the rest of my crap little by little. Most of it is up there now, but I still have quite a bit of stuff to sort through and decide what I want to keep and throw out some of the junk I don't want. Hopefully I can finish most of that tomorrow.

As for the blog, I had hoped to redesign it in time for my 2nd anniversary, but that didn't get done. Right now it's too cluttered looking and I want a cleaner look. Also would like to organize my archives into categories, but that means going back and labeling each one which will take some time. Hopefully I'll work up the energy to do all that soon. But who knows?

As for having a more consistent theme on the blog that probably won't happen because my mind leaps from one thing to another and that is reflected on the blog. I know I don't have a lot of readers and that is most likely due to the fact that I don't visit many other blogs and when I do don't comment very often. So not many people are aware this blog even exists. Which is OK, I guess. I've never been a very sociable person or much of a talker, so therefore have never made many friends. And I guess that applies to the internet as well. But I am very loyal to those friends I do have.

See--I don't post at all for a long while, then I ramble on and on.

OK--one more thing and then I'll shut up. In one of my first few posts, I talked about upgrading my old computer. Last week I went to a computer show and got a 1-Gigabyte upgrade for my laptop, giving me 1.5 GB total. And it has made a great difference. It runs much faster now, even with several programs running together. Also got a nice little webcam that clips to the laptop. Along with my other recent purchase of a 250 GB external hard drive, my computer should be set for some time. Which is good since it will be a long time before I can afford a new one.
Now it's time I went to sleep so I can get up early and finish my moving. At least I don't have to go to work tomorrow or the rest of the week because it's Spring Break !! Yay !!

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone, from this April Fool !

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