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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Old School Video Games

Lately I've been playing some "classic" videogames. While newer games obviously have far better graphics and more involved gameplay, sometimes I just want to play a quick game. Nothing too complicated that will take hours....that's when the older games come in handy. They don't require much thought and you can play a few games without taking up the entire evening. And I think many of them are still a lot of fun even though they aren't state-of-the-art in terms of graphics or sound. Here's a few of the ones I have been playing. Do you have any favorite "old-school" videogames you still enjoy playing?

(click on the title link above to see the "Killer List Of Videogames" site)

New Rally-X

Game Introduction

A radar screen shows the location of your car, the enemy cars and the flags. The score for picking up flags increases starting at 100 points. Collecting the flashing special flag visible on the radar awards a 2x bonus for the remaining flags. Picking up the "lucky" flag gives an added fuel bonus.

Avoid randomly placed rocks and use smoke to stop enemy cars for short periods of time. However, using smoke costs fuel. Every third round, the enemy cars don't move unless your fuel runs out.

New Rally-X - Title screen image New Rally-X - Title screen image

Toy Pop
Game Introduction
Two dolls, Pino and Acha, have gone into the castle of the wizard Majyo, who has kidnapped their friend.
Toy Pop - Title screen image Toy Pop - Title screen image

Game Play

Player one is Pino (the male doll) while player two is Acha (the female doll). The object in each room is to free the hearts scattered throughout the room so that the door opens and allows you entry to the next. Along the way, you need to get around the myriad of toys that Majyo has sent to stop you, including toy soldiers, wind-up cars, balloons, and so on. Fight back with the weapons that you uncover.


Galaga - Title screen image Galaga - Title screen image

Game Play

Moving along the bottom of the screen, you shoot at the enemies (either in formation or as they fly about). Most enemies are destroyed by one hit, but the Galagas take two hits (they turn blue when hit once). You must avoid being hit by enemies and their fire. You must also be aware of the Galaga's tractor beam, which can capture your ship (a captured ship turns red). To free the captured ship, you must destroy the captor Galaga while it is attacking you, otherwise the captured ship will be destroyed. When you free a captured ship, it will dock alongside your current ship, thus creating a dual ship.

Ships are lost when you are hit by enemies. Dual ships are destroyed individually.

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