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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas! Bah, Humbug!

Ok. I'm not really a Scrooge, but then I really don't celebrate Christmas, at least not for the past 30 years or so. A few times I have put up a small tabletop tree or a couple of decorations, but don't bother anymore because no one sees them but me anyway. It's not that I hate Christmas or anything, but just that I don't feel any special reason to celebrate. I don't have any family and I only have two friends who I don't see all that often. One of them doesn't care all that much about Christmas--Halloween is his favorite holiday!--and we never have exchanged gifts. If I had children or someone special to share it with, I'm sure the holiday would have some meaning for me. Not in a religious sense, 'cause I just don't believe in all that stuff--yeah I'm an atheist--I require scientific proof. I don't say this to offend anyone's religious' beliefs but that's my own view of things. I do think Christmas is a great concept--a time of giving and togetherness with family & friends. Although I believe everyday should be like that, not just reserved for one time of year.

Now the reason for this rather long-winded piece is simply because I was tagged by Elmo for the following item about Christmas and in my usual way, thought I should explain my answers (that's the scientific part of my mind acting up again) :

What do you want for Christmas:

Rules :
1) Choose three things that you would like to get for Christmas and that you are hinting people to get you.

2) Choose three things that you are giving as gifts for Chrismas

3) Choose three things that you hope no one will get you

4) After you make your selections Tag 5 More people

What I want:
1) A wireless notebook computer.
2) A vacation somewhere sunny & warm.
3) Someone special to go on that vacation with.
(Although I'm not hinting people about these things--they're just wishes)

What I'm giving: (this one is easy)
1) Nothing
2) Nothing
3) Nothing
(I'm not cheap--I just don't exchange gifts with anyone--see explanation above.)

What I don't want to receive: (this one is tough, since I don't expect anything)
1) Any of those aftershave/cologne gift sets (don't use aftershave & some of those scents just make me sneeze)
2) Those food packages with the little cheeses & meats (candy I'll take...ummmm, candy)
3) A lump of coal in my stocking (you reading this, Santa, I'm sick of you giving me that)


Michael (From California)
Anyone who feels like doing it...'cause I couldn't think of anyone else...and you guys, please don't feel obligated to do it if you're too busy with other things...I just couldn't think of many people to tag...Merry Christmas to all & to all a Good Night!

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