Are we all perhaps linked by invisible bonds? Do the actions of one affect others, even if those others are far away? Our lives and the universe itself may be all part of a single mechanism in which all creatures and events are 'entangled' with one another.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Recent Movies

Been to see several movies the past 2 weeks mainly because I just didn't feel like sitting at home and I have to get away from the computer once in a while. So I thought I might as well give a brief review of each one.
1-Capote : The movie mainly centers around Truman Capote's writing of his 'non-fiction novel' (as it was called when it was written) "In Cold Blood", the story of the murder of a family in Kansas in 1959. Philip Seymour Hoffman does an excellent job of portraying Capote, capturing his voice and mannerisms perfectly. The one surprise in the movie for me was the extent of Capote's involvment with the murderers, one in particular, and the impact it had on his life. Even if you're not familiar with Truman Capote or his writings, the movie is still a fascinating look at his life and the effort that went into the writing of "In Cold Blood". My rating: ****

2-Saw II : Didn't see the first Saw, but went to this one after a friend's recommendation. It's a typical bloodfest thriller-type movie, I thought, although it did have a few interesting twists. I didn't find it all that scary, but then I'm jaded when it comes to horror movies, having been a reader of ghost and horror stories from a young age. I was reading Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft( and books about witchcraft & Satanism) as a boy when most kids were outside playing. Yes, I was a weird kid I guess and I still am weird. I've also seen many horror films over the years so it takes a lot to impress me. Anyway, if you like violent, bloody flicks this is a good one to see, but I only give it **

3-Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire : Before going to see this movie last Friday, on Thursday, I watched the first 3 Harry Potter films on DVD. I hadn't yet seen the 3rd movie (Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban) so I was really in a Harry Potter state of mind. I enjoyed this one as much as I had the previous movies and thought it did a decent job of translating the book into film, considering the length of the book it was based upon. Obviously any Potter fan will like the movie,and I give it ****

4-Rent : I normally don't go to see many musicals, but actually went to see Rent after having read about it on some of the blogs I check regularly. Figured it would be good to expand my horizons a bit. I actually enjoyed it quite a lot and the music was well done. I think the main problem I have with musicals in general is that I find it odd that people are singing what they normally would be speaking. I enjoyed the story in Rent and found the characters interesting. I know this doesn't sound like a very enthusiastic review, but I did actually enjoy the film and give it ***

The type of movies I enjoy the most are those in which I can become immersed in a totally different world which is why I love science-fiction. I'm not particularly crazy about reality and frankly I sometimes question whether so-called "real life" actually is real--can YOU prove beyond any doubt you actually exist? Am I really writing this or just imagining it? Hey, I said I was weird, didn't I?

The movie titles are linked to each movie's official website if you want to know more.

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