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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Also tagged by Ryan for this list. I don't own an Ipod and don't have any music on my computer (believe it or not!) because I just don't bother to download any. Rarely listen to the radio, when I do its usally a classical station, have a bunch of CD's I bought years I hardly ever listen to (mostly techno, electronic music) and really don't know many of the current artists, so this list will mainly consist of songs/artists I have enjoyed listening to...

1-Higher State Of Trance-various artists/songs (3-CD set I bought about a year ago)
2-Everybody Dance Now: C + C Music Factory (Also have it as a ringtone on my cel phone)
3-Everything Is Wrong: Moby
4-Purple Rain: Prince
5-Cream: Prince
6-The Power: SNAP
7-Tainted Love: Soft Cell
8-Do You Really Want To Hurt Me: Culture Club
9-Revolution: Arrested Development
10-Do Me!: Bell Biv DeVoe
11-Drums Of Passion: Babatunde Olatunji (African Tribal Music)
12-Africa Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music: Recorded by Stephen Jay
13-Freedom: Yothu Yindi (Australian Aboriginal Music)
14-Didgeridoos-Ourimbah (Sounds Of The Aborigine)
15-The Four Seasons: Vivaldi (Classical)
16-The Logical Song: Supertramp
17-Wind Riders: Native Flute Ensemble (Native American Music)
18-Various Techno/Trance/Ambient CDs

As you can see most of this music is from a while back. I really don't have any "favorite" singers, if I like a song i don't care too much who the artist is. I enjoy music that is 'different', hence the African/Aboriginal music and electronic stuff. I can listen to and enjoy most types of music, EXCEPT Opera (hate that), not crazy about country music (sorry, country fans)but some of it is OK. I have about a dozen rap CDs from about 1988-1993 but don't care for the current rap/hip-hop. I enjoy Classical as well, but again don't have a particular favorite composer.

So there's a peek at my strange musical tastes...


  1. I like your list of songs. I love older music.

  2. cool list! thanx 4 playing

  3. Hey Martin,
    I am not familiar with a lot of your music, but what got me was your hatred for opera. In my music history classes at university, opera has always been probably the most fascinating to me. Moreover, of the 8 concerts that are part of the Performing Arts Series, I've always enjoyed the opera the most. I could go on and, I never knew I liked opera THAT

    You like musicals don't you??

  4. i like the music choices martin. i come from ryans blog. i like older music too even tho i am only 20. i like new and old country, and i like the hip hop/dance stuff.

  5. i love some of those choices

  6. Oooh I know like 3 of those songs. Your list rockz!

    Have a great week.

    Love n Peace,