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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mid-Life Crisis Update

Still don't know what's going to happen this summer as far as my apartment or possible move. I haven't heard from my landlord as to when or exactly what they plan to do regarding fixing the front of the building or re-doing the interior. He said I might have to move out for a few weeks while the work is being done, but I don't know what their plans are yet.
I did look at one apartment and I liked it but didn't take it because I had no way to move my stuff. Only really have one friend who I could count on to help me move (and can't afford to hire movers) and he's been out of town.
I've called about several other places but it seems like everyone uses voicemail or answering machines, BUT they don't return their calls! Still waiting for a return call from about 6 people I contacted re: apartments.
I'm going to try to not worry about it all until I find out what's going to happen but I really hate not knowing what's going on!

Saturday will be a busy day for me. A friend is stopping by in the afternoon, and in the evening I'm going to a performance by a local GLBT chorus. All part of my plan to try to get out more often instead of sitting home by myself. I would offer to take my friend along but he's straight and I think he might feel uncomfortable there, even though he's cool about me being gay. Plus I don't think he's interested in that type of music. He's like me in that he's never had a serious relationship and doesn't go out much either. Just a pair of losers! :)

We finally are getting the kind of weather I enjoy--sunny and warm--it may reach 80 today! I've been spending a lot of time outside walking around or hanging out in the park reading & listening to music just to be outside. There's not a lot to do here in Albany (especially if you don't have much money). Starting today there are some free outdoor concerts; tonight's there's one down by the river (Hudson River) I'm going to attend.

Trying to re-organize my apartment a little so I'm going to go work on that for awhile now then get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Got to get a haircut later so I don't look quite so scary. Shaved off my decades-old mustache the other day just to try a different was getting too much gray hair in it anyway ;)

Bye for now--more later on my mid-life crisis as events unfold.

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