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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Can’t Happen Here…Or Can It?

If you believe that tyranny can’t happen here in the United States, because we are a free nation, with a Constitution, you may want to study history. America has become an empire, and the history of past empires shows that they all eventually collapse. An empire’s decline occurs due to military adventurism, economic collapse, and internal political corruption, and this decline often leads to tyranny, as the leaders try to hold onto their power.

From the Campaign For Liberty: 

None Dare Call It Tyranny
By Sheldon Richman

If you want to know what tyranny is like, look around.
The national government -- specifically the executive branch -- can do pretty much what it wants. It could bomb Iran tomorrow without a declaration of war from Congress. It can -- and does -- conduct secret wars and covert operations against countries that have done nothing to us. Of course, they are secret only to the ignorant taxpayers who must finance them and perhaps suffer when the provoked retaliation occurs. It can have men behind PlayStation consoles in Nevada fire Hellfire missiles from aerial drones on people in Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere.

Can it really be tyranny if we get to vote? Yes. Thomas Jefferson warned of "elective despotism." How valuable is your one vote when the government manipulates and distorts the flow of information, when Congress capitulates, and when the "adversarial" mainstream media act like government press agents, if not adoring lapdogs. The ugly truth is out there, but you have to want to know it.

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