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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kindle! Kindle! Kindle!

No, that's not some kind of "war cry", nor have I gone crazy (more than usual, anyway). It's just my excitement at finally being able to place an order for the Amazon Kindle2 eBook reader. Been wanting one of these since I first saw the original Kindle when it came out in 2007. Now that the new Kindle2 is available, I couldn't hold off any longer. Well, I did have to wait until I was able to afford it, otherwise I would have gotten one the first day they went on sale back in February 2009. As an avid reader and lover of books, as well a major tech geek, this device combines two of my favorites things.
The Kindle2 can hold up to 1500 books--that's like a small library you can carry with you! You can also get newspapers, magazines and blogs on it, and it even plays mp3 files (should you want to listen to music while you read). And one of the coolest features is that you can order and download a book on the Kindle in about 60 seconds! From almost anywhere, since it uses the Sprint's Whispernet service and it has a simple web browser as well.
Lots of other great features too, but I'll probably post about it again when it arrives. Got an email from Amazon yesterday saying it has shipped, so it shouldn't be too long before I have it!

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