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Friday, June 26, 2009

Heal The World (R.I.P. Michael Jackson)

What a week this has been! First, Ed McMahon, then Farrah Fawcett, and now Michael Jackson.
Most shocking to me was to hear of Michael's death earlier today, as it was the most unexpected. After all, Ed McMahon was 86 years old, Farrah Fawcett had been battling cancer for some time, but Michael Jackson was planning to hold a series of concerts in London in July. There was even talk of a possible "Jackson 5" reunion tour.
Generally, I don't listen to a lot of music, and don't keep up with all the latest artists, but I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson's songs, and his dancing was amazing. Being neither a singer nor a dancer, my opinion may not count for much, but I doubt there will be another talent like him for a very long time.
I chose the following video as a tribute to Michael Jackson, as well as a call out to all people of the world, to work towards peace and freedom for all the people of Earth. In particular, I am thinking of the brave protesters in Iran who have been risking their lives to achieve a greater degree of freedom. My previous post here (below this one) is an account by an Iranian Twitter user, who has not been heard from in more than 24 hours, and the last few "tweets" seemed to indicate some possible trouble. I hope this is not the case.

Michael Jackson may be gone now, but the spirit of his music can live on and inspire everyone to try to "Heal The World"!

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  1. Everything in relation to Michael Jackson concerns me so much mostly his artistic life more than his personal issues. He was not only a splendid man but also the best singer.