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Monday, May 04, 2009

Zombie Flu !

Have you seen this story that was posted, but quickly pulled from the internet, about a new strain of the swine flu that turns people into zombies?!
I managed to get a screen capture of the story and the page is also posted here.
Is this some kind of government cover-up or even a secret experiment gone horribly wrong?
Why haven't any of the major news organizations reported this, and why was the story taken down so fast? If I didn't spend so much time online, I would have missed it because it only appeared for a brief time.
There needs to be an investigation into this, before its too late, and we are faced with hordes of zombies roaming the streets, spreading this terrible "Zombie Flu". Perhaps the whole "swine flu" panic was created as a cover-up to hide the real truth of what is going on!

Click the image for a larger view.
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