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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vintage Cigarette TV Ads

Before they were banned, there were lots of cigarette ads on television. I remember seeing many of them when I was a kid, but now they just seem comical. The ads tried to make you believe you'd be healthier, sexier and more popular by smoking a certain brand of cigarettes. Despite viewing all those ads, I never once smoked a cigarette. Hmmm....maybe that explains why I'm not sexy or popular!

I particularly like the line in this ad which says:
"Pall Mall is longer,yes, but greater length is only half the story"
And the look on the woman's face as she puffs on the cigarette is priceless!
One thing I never understood is that the name of this cigarette is spelled "PALL MALL" (with an 'a'), but pronounced "PELL MELL".

Well, if doctors smoke Camels, they must be good for you! My Mother always smoked Camels (unfiltered, of course), although I don't know if her doctor recommended that brand. She preferred the unfiltered cigarettes as she said you didn't get enough smoke through the newer, filtered cigarettes.

I most definitely remember this ad, and probably even went around the house singing "the taste of Kent" as a kid. It was a catchy little tune, after all! But my Mother wouldn't have liked this brand--those stupid filters blocked too much of the smoke!

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