Are we all perhaps linked by invisible bonds? Do the actions of one affect others, even if those others are far away? Our lives and the universe itself may be all part of a single mechanism in which all creatures and events are 'entangled' with one another.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Send Karl Rove To Jail !

If an ordinary citizen were to ignore a court subpoena an arrest warrant would be issued and the local Sheriff's department or police would locate that person, place him under arrest, and take him to court in handcuffs.

So why is Karl Rove any different? If Karl Rove refuses to respond to a Congressional subpoena, Congress should cite him for contempt, issue an arrest warrant, and send the Federal Marshals to bring him in.

And maybe the Marshals could round up a few of the other criminals in the Bush administration while they're at it.

Let your voice be heard! Go to, sign the petition to let the House Judiciary Committee know you want justice to be done.

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