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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let Freedom Ring !

Ron Paul will be in this race right through the Republican convention. Three out of four of the so-called "front-runners" are scrambling for money and can't even pay their staffs, while Ron Paul's supporters contributed almost $2 million this past Monday. He's raised close to $ 4 million just since the start of this year.
After Rudy loses Florida, where he's pinned all his hopes, he'll start to fade fast. Huckabee's support has always been from a core group of evangelical Christians which won't be enough to help him in most of the upcoming primaries. John "100 years in Iraq" McCain has no chance of beating either Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama in the general election, and most Republicans will soon realize this fact. Mitt Romney's personal wealth will carry him through the rest of the campaign and may even buy him the nomination, which will also insure a Democratic victory in November.
Ron Paul's anti-war, low tax, fiscally conservative, pro-civil liberties philosophy should make him the perfect candidate wise Republicans would choose as their standard-bearer in the upcoming election. Unfortunately, most of them have 'sold out' to their corporate masters and will continue to dance to any tune the military-industrial complex plays.
But the "Ron Paul Revolution" goes beyond this presidential campaign and has already planted the seeds of freedom in the hearts and minds of many young people (who support Paul in great numbers) as well as awakened the dormant desire of many Americans to reclaim their Constitutionally mandated liberties.
So while the "mainstream" candidates drone on and on with the same tired old rhetoric, Ron Paul's clarion call for peace, prosperity, and freedom will continue to echo throughout the land after the election is over.
The "mainstream" candidates can snicker and giggle at Ron Paul like a bunch of preschoolers laughing at a 'fart' joke, but they do so out of fear. Fear that people will wake up to the lies and deceptions they have foisted on the public throughout their political careers. Fear that American's natural and justified distrust of government and politicians will continue to swell to the breaking point, washing them and their corporate cronies out of power in a tidal wave of change. Fear that the 'house of cards' of economic and political control they have built over these many years will crumble and fall, crushing them all.
Yes, they will deny Ron Paul the Republican nomination, because of their greed and their fears that a Ron Paul Presidency would destroy the corrupt system they have struggled to build and maintain, but they cannot stop the voice of Liberty calling out across this once-great land, a voice that will once again be heard. Maybe not in this election cycle, but the time will come when the spark of Liberty, ignited by Ron Paul and his supporters will blaze across the nation, burning a pathway to Freedom and Justice unseen in this country since the time of the American Revolution.

(This started out as a comment I was posting on another site on an article about Ron Paul. After finishing and re-reading it, I decided it turned out pretty good and so decided to re-post it here on my blog as well.)

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