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Saturday, December 01, 2007

America's Freedoms Under Attack !

If you think the headline above is an exaggeration, just take the time to watch the two videos below.

Does anyone really believe that the next President, whether Democrat or Republican, will actually repeal or roll back the unconstitutional powers that the Bush administration has granted to itself? Maybe the next President will choose not to use those powers, if we're lucky. But the danger that some future "leader" will decide he or she needs to invoke the authority to declare 'martial law' or round up 'unlawful combatants' (who just happen to be American citizens) is very real and very frightening!

To those who say "it can't happen here-this is America!" or "we have free elections and a constitution", did you know that Germany had a constitution and free democratic elections (Click for more info.) before the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party? Or that the Nazi Party was elected by the German people? The German secret police, or Gestapo, acted outside of any civil authority to spy on and round up 'dissenters' to the Nazi regime. Much as Blackwater security forces in Iraq act outside of military or civil authority there. And Blackwater forces have been deployed right here in the United States as well:
"Heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm,
infamous for its work in Iraq, are openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans."
From (click here for full story)
That was right after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. For more on Blackwater, watch this video:

Scared yet? You should be!

History DOES repeat itself...empires rise and fall, governments will always seek more power and control over their citizens, and dictators can seize authority in even the freest land! Do a little research, read some history, and you will see the similarities of events that occur and patterns that repeat over and over again.

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