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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Videos Of The Week

All Hail King George !

With a stroke of his pen, the President has granted himself powers equal to those of his namesake, King George III of England, the royal despot we fought against over 200 years ago.

The right to seize anyone, at any time, without telling anyone of their arrest, to be detained without charges being filed or benefit of legal representation, for an indefinite period of time, simply by designating that person an " enemy combatant".

Today that person might be a terrorist, or someone who offers aid or support to a terrorist, but how long will it be before that person is someone who has dared to criticize the President and his policies? Perhaps that person's criticism will be interpreted as "support" for terrorism.

"Habeas corpus" is a fundamental right that dates back hundreds of years, first being codified into law in 1679 in England, but was used as early as 1305.

Habeas Corpus is a Latin term which means "you should have the body," and is a legal principle which requires that the government must present an accused and arrested person before an impartial judge in order to prove that there exists just cause to hold that person against his or her will.

Without the Writ of Habeas Corpus (traditionally called the "Great Writ"), a government could hold a person in jail for any length of time without having to prove that there is any good reason for doing so. Thus, if you are being held by the government, you can request a writ of habeas corpus and, if a court issues it, then the government must bring you to that court and demonstrate that they have arrested you for a compelling reason. If they cannot, then they must set you free.

Now I'm not a constitutional scholar, but here's a video of someone who is such an expert:

But if we just "stay the course" things are bound to get better....right?

With Election Day just 10 days away, let's hope the voters do not "stay the course", but throw some of the crew in Congress overboard and institute a "mutiny" against the Captain of the Ship of State, namely George Bush and his corrupt crew.

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