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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Random Bits

Here are just some random things I came across while spending most of the day on the computer.

Strange Brew
by John Deering

I did a couple of recent posts about computers, here's a new type of integrated ciccuit that may some day end in computers.

IBM builds first IC around a single carbon nanotube
Size comparison between IBM's single nanotube ring oscillator circuit and a human hair.

IBM today announced that its researchers have built the first complete electronic integrated circuit around a single “carbon nanotube” molecule, a new material that shows promise for providing enhanced performance over today’s standard silicon semiconductors.

A close-up view of the 5-stage CMOS type nanotube ring oscillator. The upper right inset shows the nanotube itself with a diameter of ~2nm.

On a related note, someone left a comment on my post about ENIAC pointing out an even earlier electronic computer called Colossus (click here for more info.) that was developed in England to break Nazi secret codes during WWII.
Here's a picture:

Came across a message board where someone has posted photos he took at the site of the World Trade Center while he worked there during the cleanup. There are some pretty amazing pics here.

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