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Monday, January 16, 2006

Lazy & Crazy & Golden

Boy, it's been quite a few days since I wrote anything here. Actually, there are 2 reasons for that:

1-I guess I'm getting lazy.
2-My computer is acting crazy.

Been off work the past 3 weeks (semester break at the college campus where I work) and this is my last week before I have to return to work (Bah!) but I have gotten especially lazy this past week. Just hanging around at home: sleeping, watching TV, playing old Playstation games (such as Quake II) and fooling around with this computer. It's been too cold to go out anyway the past few days...BRRRR!
And this silly computer has been acting crazier than ever; I'm surprised I can even get online. I've got no sound, my instant messenger programs (except for AIM) refuse to work, and now the stupid thing doesn't even recognize the DVD/CD drive. Plus no USB devices are functioning, including my USB mouse & keyboard (Had to go back to using an older standard keyboard & mouse). I removed some programs that weren't working or that I haven't used much to clean up the harddrive. I was going to try to re-install Windows XP to see if that cleared up some of the problems, when I found the system wasn't recognizing the CD-Rom drive. Despite repeated attempts to re-install the drivers for the CD and USB, they still are not working.

And I still really can't figure out what the cause of all these problems is...virus & spyware scans show nothing, but it may the the harddrive failing or some sort of software conflict in the system. I guess I'll just have to keep fiddling around with it until I found the solution.

While I've been sitting here at the computer, I've had the Golden Globes Awards program on. Usually I don't watch awards programs as I find them pretty boring, but there was nothing else on that interested me, so I let it play in the background. And I was a bit curious to see how "Brokeback Mountain" did as it was nominated in 7 categories. So here's the results as the progam just ended:

Golden Globes :Brokeback Mountain
1-Best Screenplay
2-Best Original Song
3-Best Director: Ang Lee
4-Best Motion Picture-Drama

And that's the latest installment in my exciting life--hope no one got over-stimulated reading it.

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