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Friday, November 11, 2005

Fighting Back

I usually don't comment much on current events or news stories here even though I do have strong opinions on many topics, but after first reading this story 2 days ago and then reading this latest update, I felt I HAD to state my opinion. I've re-printed the entire story from The New York Blade below.

First off I want to applaud the judge in this case for making the right decision in dismissing the charges against Lucas Dawson, a young man who stabbed and killed a gay basher who attacked him. Too many times have these low-life scum, who think it makes them more manly to attack a gay man, gotten off scot-free or received a light sentence. And they almost always attack in a group because they just don't have the balls to engage in a fair one-on-one fight but need their idiot friends to back them up.

Some may think this sounds too harsh, but personally I don't feel a bit sorry for the so-called "man" who was killed in this incident. He was old enough to know right from wrong and felt that it was fine to attack someone who was gay, probably thinking his victim was an easy target. And don't doubt for a minute that he wouldn't have killed Mr. Dawson if he thought he could get away with it. I say he got exactly what he deserved. As the saying goes, "Fight Fire With Fire !". Mr. Dawson was clearly exercising his right of self-defense against a potential life-threatening attacker.

One last thing I want to say, even though I know Lucas Dawson will never read this, is that I hope he doesn't feel any guilt or shame for having taken this man's life. Lucas, you did what you had to do to save your own life and just as in combat, or any other life-threatening situation, you do whatever is necessary to protect yourself. Actions have consequences, and if someone feels they have the right to attack someone just because they disagree with their lifestyle, they should expect to pay the consequences.

OK, that's my rant--here's the original story from The Blade:

Manslaughter charge dismissed against gay man who defended self
Philadelphian released from jail
PHILADELPHIA (AP) | Nov 10, 1:41 PM

A judge threw out a manslaughter charge against a young man who fatally stabbed a teenager who allegedly attacked him because he is gay.

Municipal Judge Gerard Kosinski also ordered 21-year-old Lucas Dawson, an aspiring singer, released from jail.

Dawson told police that seven people began taunting him, chasing him down and beating him as he walked to catch a bus Oct. 29. He said he pulled out a small knife and waved it, but when Gerald Knight, 17, punched him, he stabbed him in the chest.

Knight died within the hour.

"He did the only thing he could do, the only thing in his power to stop the attack," defense attorney Kevin T. Birley said.

Dawson called police after the attack and led them to the knife. Assistant District Attorney MK Feeney praised him for turning himself in to police, but said a jury should decide if his actions were self defense. She had not decided if she would appeal.

The day before the attack, Dawson had performed in front of the "American Idol" judges, his family said. He was eliminated after the third round.

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