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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Computer Conundrum

Well, my computer has decided to work again after a short break. Maybe it just needed a day off, maybe it felt over-worked, or maybe it felt I should take a break from the internet for a while. I'm not certain why it refused to boot up or exactly what the problem is. I opened it up earlier, cleaned out some dust inside the case and checked to make sure all the cables were plugged in tight--not sure what exactly I did, but it booted up afterwards. Maybe he (the computer) was just feeling neglected and wanted me to fiddle around with his "special parts".

I replaced a faulty CPU fan a week or so ago and thought that was why it was acting up, but apparently there are other problems. Lately I'm been getting odd error messages saying "Delayed Write Error" and losing data such as my bookmarks in Firefox as well as some programs no longer working. For example, my Picasa photo program refuses to run, Windows media player is not functioning (but Quicktime & Realplayer still do), Trillian instant messaging program quit some time ago, and re-installing these programs doesn't seem to fix the problem. Possibly the hard drive is starting to fail, or maybe it's some kind of software conflict. I installed Windows XP on this machine as an upgrade from Windows 98 that had been on it, and have since added a number of new programs and other files (and no, it's not all porn!) I should have probably removed everything when I installed XP and the added the other programs back--that might have made the system more stable.

I was hoping to get another old computer I have up & running to use on the internet and was then going to clean this one up and do a "clean" re-install of XP, but I haven't been able to get the other one working properly. That machine has Win98 on it but will only boot in "safe mode" and Internet Explorer and Firefox both refuse to work . Tried to re-install Win 98 but it doesn't complete the setup, saying it doesn't have enough "conventional memory" to complete it. Have run disk scans and diagnostic programs but just can't seem to locate the problem on that computer.

So the computer gremlins are really giving me a hard time lately. I would love to just go & buy a whole new system; I would particularly like a nice wireless notebook computer, but just don't have the money for one. If I had something of value I could sell to get the cash, I would 'cause I use the computer more than anything else, including the TV. But I doubt I could make enough off any of my junk to buy a decent computer anyway. I tried to go out on the street and sell my body, but got tired of everyone laughing at me or even worst, demanding that I pay them ! Well, too bad for them, they don't know what they missing out on !

My birthday is coming up soon if anyone is feeling REALLY generous.........anyone? NO, ... oh well, I didn't think so....then I'll just keep coaxing this old clunker to work. I also have an old Commodore 128 and a Commodore Amiga made back in the 1980's so it's like I have my own museum of ancient computers. Guess that fits since I'm getting kinda ancient too. :)

Well enough whining about my computer woes; I should be in bed anyway since I've been staying up too late on the computer and not getting enough sleep lately. Good-night, everyone !

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