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Friday, August 05, 2005

Moving Day(s)

Well, the day is finally here--I'm moving to a new apartment. Actually, I'm been moving stuff since Tuesday when I got the keys to my new place. It's not a very far move, in fact the building I'm moving into is right next door (around the corner) from where I have been living. But it's still a lot of work packing and lugging everything over there, especially in this 90 degree heat & high humidity. But I've got most of my crap moved. A friend is coming by this evening to help with the items that are too heavy for me to carry, like my TV & stand, microwave, etc.

Also, I'm sad to say, this will probably be my last post here until late next week. The cable company can't transfer my service until Thursday August 11th so I have to do without the Internet until then. *sniff* Even though I've only had internet since the start of this year, I have become quite addicted to it :) and it will be hard to do without even for a short time. I was going to leave my computer here in my old apartment over the weekend, but decided I'd better move it tonight when my friend is here to help me with the last of my stuff. Besides, the electric service is be turned off here Monday, anyway.

I will probably send some short text messages to my blog from my cel phone for the next few days to help ease going "cold turkey" on the internet.

Well, gotta go haul some more boxes so that's all for now. Maybe I can take some pics of my new apartment and post them here later before I disconnect the computer.

I'll really miss reading all my favorite blogs--see you all next Thursday!!


  1. Aww... that sucks. Well I will still be here ready to comment on your blogs of course. Oh and take a picture of your friend, ide like to know what he looks like heh.

    Have a safe ^-^

    Love n Peace,

  2. I can remember when I moved out of residence at the end of April. It was a pretty scary moment for me as there was just so much uncertainty. But moving is also a pretty exciting time because it signifies, to some extent, the start of a new life. I cannot wait to move back into residence - only one more month!!

    Hope you enjoy your new place!