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Friday, August 12, 2005

The Drought Is Over

Yes, my internet drought is over as my cable service was re-connected at my new address today. And by a cute cable installer, and his equally cute son who was working with him. Sounds like the start of an interesting story, doesn't it? Bet you want to hear the rest of it, right? Well, STOP thinking those dirty thoughts; what's wrong with you people?! They just connected up the cable and left...
He was rather talkative--told me he had six children, was new to Albany and was having a bit of trouble finding his way around, had his son (who's going into 12th grade) working with him for the summer at $600/week (pretty good pay for a summer job!)--just a friendly kind of guy, I guess.

My new apartment is nicer than the old and the building is in much better shape than the old one. I have 3 rooms here-bedroom, kitchen & living room rather than just one large room as I had at the old place. So even though it was a bit of a hassle moving and I had to get rid of some old stuff I had (books & such) to avoid cluttering up the new place, it's worth it. Rent is a little higher, but the landlord actually is charging me less than what the previous tenant paid for this same apt.

Thanks to everyone who left comments here while I was "away"--I appreciate hearing from all of you.

Update on the "gay penguins" story I posted earlier: just got a mailing from Insightout Book Club and it turns out there's a children's book about Roy & Silo called "And Tango Makes Three" and the abandoned penguin egg they took care of and hatched. The book is also available at
Don't worry--I'm not getting a penguin fetish--I just thought this was an interesting story :)

Bye for now

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  1. i havent seen u by my blog in a while did i say something 2 upset u?