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Monday, May 09, 2005

Spurs spank Sonics; Allen, Radmanovic hurt

Now, I'm not a sports fan but if I'd known this was going on, I'd watch the game!

Spurs spank Sonics; Allen, Radmanovic hurt

I saw this headline while surfing around this morning and thought...hey! what if this was how they ended each game? The losing team has to line up and the winning team pulls down their shorts and spanks them on national TV! It would certainly motivate the players to do their best to win if they knew this was going to happen. Number of spanks determined by the difference in the scores, of course, which might lead to much closer-scoring games.

I'm sure the TV ratings would go up quite a bit!

Just a random thought I had early this morning and figured I'd put up it here...

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