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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Now...The Rest of The Story...

My last few posts about the "mysterious" black box was just my strange way of describing a computer I found that someone had put out on the curb to be collected as trash. I'm using it right now, in fact, but why anyone would just toss it out IS a bit of a mystery to me. Its actually better than the one I was using! While its not a top-of-the-line model, its certainly a pretty good system.
Its got a AMD Duron processor running at 900 Mhz, 40 Gigabyte hard drive, 256MB DDR Ram, and a combo DVD Rom/CD burner drive.
The oddest thing about it is that no one else ever places trash right in front of my building. My apartment is the only one in the building, the house next door has been empty for a couple of years, and the house on the other side place their trash around the corner in front of their building. On Wednesday the 13th I left to go to work and saw it sitting there on the curb next to a bag of trash I'd set out the evening before--I grabbed it and took it inside because I saw it had a DVD drive, which I didn't. I figured it might not work but I could scavenge some parts that might be useful--was I surprised when it started right up!
It didn't boot into Windows because it had a password stored in the BIOS but I remembered from an old program on TechTV that you could erase a BIOS password by removing the small battery on the motherboard that provides power for the BIOS chip and internal clock. This done, I was able to access the hard drive and used a trial version of a disk copy program I got off the 'net to clone my old hard drive which was only 4 Gigabytes.
I've transferred my video, sound and ethernet cards from my old computer into my new "black box" and WOO HOO! I now have a new computer at no cost! A few glitches have occurred and I've had to re-install a couple of programs to get them running right but it went pretty smooth overall.
So, Thank You to whoever decided to trash this computer--I will give it a good home!

Oh, and did I mention it has some pretty blue lights running down the front as well as a glass cutout in the side with red and blue lights inside the case as well? I recently bought a black keyboard and mouse (which also has a blue light in its scroll button), so I guess they were meant to go together...

And just think of all the porn that'll fit on that larger hard drive!! The drive won't be the only hard thing here!

Oh, and just for the record, I didn't write those 3 previous posts...those were done by my robot alter-ego-- Martron3000. (And yes, I know I'm a little strange--you don't have to say it) :)

Thanks for reading my rantings, Blog Brothers, and any others who happen upon here.

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