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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Free Zack Campaign

In a previous post I told about Zack, a 16-year-old boy from Tennessee whose parents sent to a Christian camp to "cure" him of his homosexuality. There seems to be a growing movement across the internet to support Zach, including a petition to Congress. Numerous other blogs have carried the story, reporting the recent news that Zach is to remain at this "camp" for another six weeks instead of the 2 weeks as originally planned. Apparently its harder to "de-gay" someone than these religious wackos thought.
A group known as Queer Action Coalition staged a week-long protest outside the offices of the organization, known as 'Love In Action' , last week. Some other sites with stories about this are the following:
1-Towleroad (story from last week)
3-Gay Rights Watch

Even comedian Margaret Cho has a post on her blog supporting Zach.

A "Free Zach" group had been formed on MySpace as well.

Since Zach is only 16 and his parents have control over him until he's of legal age, I don't know if much can be done to help him except offer moral and emotional support. But perhaps if this story generates enough interest on the internet, maybe a major news outlet will pick up the story and give it wider exposure.

This type of "treatment" by groups such as this so-called 'Love In Action' should be exposed for what it really is--brainwashing and emotional abuse. Hiding behind the guise of religion to carry out this abuse is shameful and the people running these organizations should be held responsible for the damage they are doing to their "clients". Perhaps if some former "clients" of these types of programs were to bring lawsuits against these groups to recover damages for the emotional pain and suffering they were subject to while "under their care" they could be driven out of business due to their financial losses.

Spread The Word--FREE ZACH!

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